Searching for photographs

You can search our catalogue with the home page keyword search, automatic place and topic choices on the home page or with the advanced search.

Simple search
Type the name of a place or a keyword into the box and press the 'Search' button. Click any of the place or topic links to search for photographs relevant to that place or topic.

Advanced search
The advanced search page gives you many more options to limit your search. You can use different combinations of Country/Site, State/region, Place name, Keywords and Time spans to either widen or narrow your search results. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try using fewer criteria.

You can also use special terms (logical operators)within your keyword search to give you more control over your keywords. Use a space or 'AND' between keywords for logical AND, 'OR' between keywords for logical OR, or 'NOT' between keywords for logical NOT. Enclose a phrase in quotes ' " " ' to search for that exact phrase. Use brackets () to group search terms. The search feature searches for any occurrence of each keyword you type in each photograph description, even if it forms part of another word.
st patrick or st AND patrick retrieves all photographs with descriptions containing both words st and patrick in any order and that might form part of other words. Results will include: St Patrick's Day, St Patrick's Church and Patrick Street
"st patrick" retrieves all photographs with that exact phrase. Results will include: St Patrick's Day, St Patrick's Church.
("st patrick") OR ("st mary") retrieves all photographs containing either "St Patrick" or "St Mary".

Use a catalogue number instead of keywords to search for a specific photograph (ie B234).

Use the Country/Site, State/Region and Place choosers to limit results to only those photographs from a particular state. Used on its own this can be used to find all photographs in a particular place, or can help narrow down results using the other search tools.

Use the Year chooser to specify a particular time period between the start and end years.

When you have specified you search choices press the Execute search button.

To search the entire catalogue go to the Search page and click Execute search without specifying any keywords or other conditions.

Find more like this...
When you preview a photo, you can use the Find more like this... links search for more photos with similar properties.

Search history
You can use the Previous searches links on the search results and advanced search pages to revisit your previous search results.

Browsing photographs

Once you execute a search or click on an automatic search your results will be displayed in the search page. To check your Shopping List, use the Check your shopping list button at the bottom of the left-hand column.

How to browse the catalogue
The right hand column displays a list of retrieved photograph descriptions ten at a time. To show the next or previous pages in the list, use the << BACK and the NEXT >> links at the bottom of the list.

Previewing a photograph
Click the thumbnail image of the photograph you want to preview to bring up the preview pane. Clicking the image adjusts the level of zoom. To search your retrieved list sequentially one at a time, use the and buttons to display each photo in the sequence. This makes searching a long list much easier.

Sorting the list
You can sort the list using the and buttons to sort by year, place name or popularity. This is useful when you are looking for photographs close to one end of a particular time span for certain place names.


Our online shop lets you choose photographs while you browse, and lets you purchase them in real time when you are ready. The online shop always keeps track of which photographs you have chosen and highlights them so you know which ones you have selected to buy, while you are browsing.

Selecting items to purchase
If you would like to buy a particular photographs, click the button. The photographs will not appear on your Shopping List and the list will now display . Choose as many photographs as you like, because you can always modify the list or remove them whenever you like. If you change your mind, click the button so it displays to remove the item from your Shopping list. If you would like to change the quantity of any of the photographs you have chosen to buy, or choose a different frame or mounting, use the Shopping List.

The Shopping List
The Shopping List displays each photograph you have chosen to buy. When you make any changes to the list, the total cost is updated in real time. To return to your search list, use the Back to search button at the bottom of the left-hand column.

To change the Style of each photograph, select from the Style chooser. You can choose from unmounted, mounted, Baltic pine frame or Antique-style frame. People often choosed framed photographs for gifts, or mounted photographs intended for framing.

If you would like more than one of any photograph, select the quantity you would like from the from the Qty chooser.

Use the Purchase additional frames section if you would like to purchase frames only.

How to pay for your order
When you are satisfied with the items you have chosen and would like to order them, click the Pay & Submit Order button to enter the secure payment area where you will be asked for the destination address, gift options and your credit card details.

Postage is calculated according to the type of items in the order and the destination country. Normal delivery time is usually 1-3 weeks.

The Postage for Mounted and Unmounted items is charged once only. For mixed orders (ie framed and unframed items), the highest applicable postage is charged. For orders to New Zealand and other destinations outside Australia, postage for framed items is charged per framed item.

Sending a Gift, Gift-Wrapping and Personalised Greeting
Your chosen photographs can be sent directly to a loved one. You can write a personalised greeting which will be hand-written on card and enclosed with the package. Type your message in the 'Greeting enclosed in package' box. If you would like the item gift-wrapped, select the 'Gift wrapping' box in the Pay and Submit' form. Enter the address of the person to which you are sending the gift in the 'Destination address' section. Put your contact details in the 'Purchaser's details' section so we can contact you if necessary.

Completing your purchase
When you are satisfied with your choices and are ready to pay and submit your order to us, press the Submit Order button. To process your order, we use the Esec Secure Payment Gateway to ensure the security of your credit card details. Please be patient while processing occurs.

When your purchase is approved you will receive a message and a receipt number which you should record for future reference. Your order will also be confirmed by email. If there is a problem, the system will return you to the 'Pay and Submit' form. This usually happens when some important information is missing, like a contact email or phone number, address information, or the supplied credit card information is incorrect or out of date. If this occurs check your details and try again.

New print sizes
Prints are now available in larger sizes:
  • A3 (longest side 42cm)
  • A2 (shortest side 42cm)
Choose larger sizes for your selected photos on the purchase page.
Custom sizes available
Need your prints in a certain size? Contact us to order a custom size!
Commercial use
Our products are for private use only. To use our images for commercial purposes, including advertising and promotions, please contact us for more information. Phone us at 02 9716 0008 or send an email using our feedback form.
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